Eva M. Pusateri

Eva's Expertise

For over three decades, President and Founder of Expert Communications and Training, Inc., Eva Pusateri has successfully helped elect people to office at all levels of American government. Eva started her career in politics as a campaign manager and later as a campaign strategist and consultant she continued to her clients win their campaigns with aggressive grassroots efforts. Her campaign strategies are recognized for always being one step ahead of the opposition. Eva has also played a vital role in helping many c-suite executives, high level federal elected officials, and national associations and their members succeed in reaching their goals through the art of strategic communications: branding, public relations public affairs, crisis communications and public speaking.

As a strategic and communications consultant and nationally respected trainer and consultant, Eva helps her clients with messaging, presentations, reputation building and management, to name a few.  Eva advises on all matters related to branding and differentiating yourself or your company from the competition as well as helping you stand out among your peers.

Eva’s traveled across the country sharing her unique perspective and special insight helping her clients wow their audiences and win public affairs, public relations and political high-stakes campaigns, as well as branding efforts. Specializing in both speech coaching and media training to help her clients successfully deal with the press, Eva’s communication strategy services also  include the written word such as speech writing and content marketing. 

Dedicated to helping women succeed, Eva has created training sessions to help women break the glass ceiling while avoiding the glass cliff.  Eva has held important leadership roles in campaign training and issue development and messaging workshops nationally for women, including three years with a national women leaders’ forum where she was responsible for issue development and messaging recommendations presented to Congress. Eva has trained at many campaign schools across the country including ones for the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Campaigns and Elections Magazine, plus internationally for the International Republican Institute. Dedicated to helping women succeed, Eva has also trained for many women's bi-partisan programs including the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), League of Their Own, She Should Run and more.

Impressed with both her achievements and the integral leadership roles she played right out of the gate early in her career, Campaigns and Elections' Magazine named Eva one of "74 Women Who Are Changing American Politics" and "A Rising Star".     

A master at creating winning strategies and pro-active, targeted messaging for her clients, Eva is available for speaking engagements, lectures and trainings.

(See below for a partial list of satisfied clients.)

Client Testimonials:

“In 15-plus years of hosting campaign training programs, Eva Pusateri continues to be one of the best trainers the Center for American Women and Politics has ever had. Her extensive knowledge and expertise of campaign strategy combined with her clear, approachable communication style makes her workshops consistently among the highest rated on our program evaluation forms.

Jean Sinzdak, Director,

Program for Women Public Officials

Center for American Women and Politics

Eagleton Institute of Politics

“You know the old saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?’ What people don’t realize is that it isn’t broken because someone is working very hard to keep it that way. That describes my relationship with Eva Pusateri, running AMPAC’s (the PAC of the American Medical Association) Candidate Workshop. The Workshop is our program for physicians who are interested in seeking public office, and for over 10 years, I have been the beneficiary of Eva’s professionalism and expertise as the lead consultant for planning and executing our program.”

Jim Wilson, PhD

Former Manager, Political Education         Programs

American Medical Association PAC


“Eva is an accomplished campaign consultant, with an expertise in comprehensive winning strategies and powerful communications. I have retained Eva as a Campaign Consultant and Speech Writer, and we have worked side-by side as campaign trainers, having taught at very high-level schools together. With a proven record of winning tough campaigns, Eva excels as a consultant and trainer and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Demetra DeMonte 

National Committeewoman, IL

Former Secretary, RNC

“It is with great pleasure I recommend Eva, whom I worked with in my previous role as Director of Political Advocacy in the Depart of Government Affairs (ACOG), 2006-15. Eva proved to be a professional superbly qualified for the tasks before her. Eva’s warmth and insightfulness, along with a high level of professionalism, led her to receive a significant amount of our independent expenditure programs in the ’10, ’12 and ’14 election cycles. She is beyond your average consultant. Ms. Pusateri has always demonstrated a unique combination of professionalism, thoughtfulness, and ability. I am so pleased that I can continue to rely on Eva’s expertise.”

Stacie Monroe

Manager, Political Affairs

The American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Just a Few of Eva's Satisfied Clients: