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Eva M Pusateri -- Consultant and Trainer

With over three decades of winning high-stakes political and public affairs campaigns across the country, Eva Pusateri also trains elected officials, c-suite executives, national associations and hundreds of others in the art of  campaigning, communications, public speaking and more (see Services page). 

Eva also helps her clients with branding and crisis management efforts, helping them find their voice, communicate their authentic self and employ thought leadership to gain confidence, communicate effectively and grow their professional impact, all while motivating their audience.  Trainings are provided to all, with special programming for women.


Helping with Both Spoken & Written Words

Eva's services cover all your needs for both spoken and written words. starting with helping you define, refine or find your message.  

It's about telling your story, building your brand and motivating your audiences.  Eva's expertise is in helping you not only understand the value you bring to the conversation, but to also help you lead the conversation, connect with your listeners and motivate your audience.

Eva will help you create a strong executive presence with her style coaching, theme and message development and media Q&A practice.  Eva will train you to speak with confidence and passion, and to be recognized as a dynamic leader. 

Be prepared, be powerful, be memorable!  

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